Updating Two Chronicles

For those of you who are unaware, the Wellstone City Chronicles are our adventures for the immensely popular Wellstone City setting that we have for the Æther and Savage Worlds systems. Only after they had already been written did we plan on switching things over to Savage Worlds and release the subsequent adventures in formats for both systems. The first two Chronicles, Two-Bit Thugs and Burning Crosses, were short adventures; too short to be fair, with each of them weighing in at 6 pages of content, plus maps and character sheets. With the Chronicles since those adventures hitting closer to 20 pages, it’s time for a much needed overhaul.

Along with the release of four new Chronicles this year, Kevin will be working on the re-fit of the first two, adding some more content, and spicing things up a little bit. The gist of the adventures will stay the same, but we’re hoping to get new maps through our partnership with Fabled Environments, and we will update the Savage Worlds rules to be in line with Savage Worlds Deluxe, which was released this past summer. Those who bought copies of the adventure previously will receive a coupon for fresh copies of the applicable adventures they have previously purchased.

It should be a good year for Wellstone City, with more Chronicles, refitting the first two adventures, and a few other surprises!