Werewolves and Settings and Shermans, Oh My!

We’re still plugging diligently away at several projects behind the scenes here at Silver Gryphon. One of which is the long-awaited adventure, Red Blizzard, which is our first (and possibly last) adventure that we will be stating out for Ingenium, Æther, and Savage Worlds. It’s long overdue, but we’ve been working on making it just that much better, and Kevin is putting the final touches on the layout and the maps as you read this and he will get it released as soon as he can.

Wellstone City is due for another Wellstone City Chronicle, this one entitled Ranch Raid, and it’s a cooperative effort between Dave Baymiller and Kevin Rohan. It is due in a week or two and will be released for both Æther and Savage. The Eiridia setting for Ingenium is also in its final stages and Ben will be getting it out here in the coming weeks as well.

Panzer Reich is also progressing, and we are working on several mapping solutions to make the experience just that much better for you! We are also working on modding several tanks from two companies and these will serve as our basis for our own unique models. There will be lots of information on Panzer Reich coming in the next few months, including ways that you can help us make the setting and tanks as good as they can possibly be!

Stay tuned, and don’t forget to visit the forum to post any questions you might have!


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