It’s our 4th Annual “We Don’t Hate our Customers Sale!”

April 1st has always had a special reverence at Silver Gryphon Games, even before the pairing up of Ben Overmyer and Kevin Rohan. The first release of the Æther Source Book (as it was then called) was on April 1st six years ago, and four years ago, there was a great tremor through the PDF sales world, which the newly minted Silver Gryphon Games pounced on. That tremor quickly evolved into a month-long sales extravaganza, and it’s a tradition we gladly continue!

For the entire month of April, we slash our prices on all of our PDFs down to just $1.25 (US)! All of our paperbacks, we cut 50% right off the top, and yes, that includes our paperback/PDF combos! Whether you’re looking to pick up our acclaimed Zombacalypse for just $10.00 or the best-selling Wellstone City for $10.00, you get the paperback and the PDF for that ultra-low, once-a-year price! If you’ve been hearing all the buzz about our Ingenium System or the Æther Core Rules and haven’t tried it yet, get them both for a combined total of $22.50…almost 400 pages of some of the tightest rule systems on the planet in two completely self-contained books. Our philosophy has always been to buy it today and play it today, and for the rest of this month, we invite you to do exactly that!

What are you waiting for? Check us out for the first time or round out your collection of our products! We’ll be adding a few things during the month, so get in on that action while the prices are at their lowest, and keep your eyes open for some freebie products as well!

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