Silver Gryphon Games is now Medially Social!

You may have noticed that we’ve been changing quite a few things and that we have been a little more visible than, well, ever. That’s because we’ve signed on a new Community Manager, Kelly Barone. She’s been instrumental in shaping our social media direction, and even though she’s only going to be with us temporarily, she’s working as hard as she can to make Silver Gryphon Games a better place.

Not only that, but our Store is fully functional, and we will be dropping in our Free product such as the short run of Silver Gryphon Monthly as well as our other add-on Freebies that support Ingenium and Æther. For those of you not following us on Facebook, we strenuously suggest that you become a fan by becoming a fan. All fans are receiving a special gift on the Facebook page, so if you’re a fan, and you haven’t seen it yet, check it out, and if you’re not a fan, click the link and get the gift yourself!

Also, we’re going to not releasing much, if anything, to the Friend side of Silver Gryphon Games on Facebook. Our Fan page will be where all of the releases are, and of course, Fans will get special offers like the one above, or even shots at pre-releases for books and adventures, and special contests!

Not only that, but you can also follow us more closely on Twitter at @sggames! We’re working hard to make sure the Twitter account isn’t just echoing facebook, so if you want to keep up with us when we’re gaming or at Cons or hosting events, that’s going to be the place to get all the latest and greatest news on us!