Silver Gryphon Games wants YOU!

We are currently looking for Demo GMs to run games for us at large game weekends, gaming days at game shops, and conventions! While the Demo GMs are not employees of Silver Gryphon Games, you will be eligible for contests within the Demo GM group, you will have the opportunity to earn free publications and swag from Silver Gryphon Games, and you will be able to make your mark on the gaming community!

There’s lots of details, not too many rules, and lots of potential for a lot of fun! On top of that, you tell us what you want to run at conventions and we will get you started with a paperback copy of either Zombacalypse, Wellstone City, Æther, or Ingenium, just to get you kick-started even faster! This offer has been open to our Facebook Fans for about a week now, but now we’re opening up the opportunity to you!

Click Here to visit the recruitment center, and then Hit the Forum as well! We look forward to seeing how many Demo GMs we can get, and international applicants are more than welcome and appreciated! But, time is short, applications are cut off on May 18th so we can make decisions here at Silver Gryphon Games, mail product as needed, and get you up and running before June!