Two Releases today!

We released Ranch Raid for the Æther system today! It’s been selling like hotcakes at DriveThru RPG and was in their top 20, almost their top 10 for small press publishers last week for the Savage Worlds version. We’re pretty sure we can do the same thing this week with the Æther version! We’re having a slight technical difficulty with it being uploaded to DriveThru RPG right now, but it’s available at our store:

Wellstone City Chronicles – Ranch Raid (Æther)

As soon as we have everything straightened out with DriveThru RPG, we will definitely have another map bundle with Fabled Environments!

Our other release today was Dave Baymiller: he has decided to end his role at Silver Gryphon Games as our Staff Editor. Dave has his finger prints on pretty much everything we’ve released in the last 2 years, and his additions to our products will be sorely missed. It will now be up to Ben Overmyer to disambiguify Kevin’s…er…unique usage of words and take the front lines on Kevin’s never-ending War With the Comma. Kevin, in the mean while, will be engaged with Ben’s writing in a similar manner until we can locate another Staff Editor willing to work with us here at Silver Gryphon Games. Farewell, Dave, you shall be missed!