Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

It’s the last weekend in May, and for us here in the United States, that means a three-day weekend for Memorial Day. For a lot of us that means that summer is finally here (three weeks earlier than when it actually starts) and that means grilling and swimming and long summer nights of hanging out with friends and family.

Memorial Day is really for those who have served our country, however, and remembering the fallen men and women who have laid down their lives in the name of serving America during times of strife and war. We take our hats off to those brave souls…without people willing to do that, we would not be able to be doing what we love to do most.

In order to honor our fallen, we are taking 25% off everything at DriveThru RPG and at our own Store. Please note that our special coupon offer for anyone who likes us on Facebook will work in conjunction with our newest sale, so you save even more! Head there now, click on our Fan Exclusives tab and get this coupon today! The sale runs through Monday!

Speaking of Facebook, we have started to release a randomly generated Æther setting each day, using the setting generator found in the Æther Core Book. This will be a Facebook only release, so head on out, check it out, and hit that little button labeled “like” as soon as you can!

We will be having lots of news shortly about Silver Gryphon t-shirts, the possibilities of dice bags, and even what may be the first translation of a Silver Gryphon product into a foreign language!

Party safe this weekend!