Happy Friday!

If you’ve been following us at all, you know we’ve been hitting Friday releases pretty hard for the last several weeks straight now. We’re taking a little break from that this week, and the reason is just that there’s a lot going on and we’re working hard on reducing the number of irons we have in the fire.

That having been said, we have a number of really cool things in process. First up is Kevin’s pulp adventure, A Thule and His Money. We’re getting some art work revamped for it and we’re hoping for a release for Savage Worlds the last week of May, with Æther following the week behind. Starting in June, we’re going to take our first foray into some Silver Gryphon apparel, and we’ll have the ability to start taking pre-orders for a limited edition Silver Gryphon t-shirt. Eiridia is getting some major work done to it, as well as several adventures that support it, some are written by Ben, others by Kevin.

We have a few other major news items in play, some more product releases coming up that we’ll be talking about as they approach in June, and all kinds of opportunities for fans.

Speaking of Fans…we re-established the 25% off coupon for fans of our Facebook page! It’s a coupon that’s only good at our Store, and we welcome you to take advantage of that! And, as always, if you have a few minutes, check out our Forum, introduce yourself, and meet some of the other Silver Gryphon Fans and Staff!