Ingenium’s Revised Magic System

Over the past few years of playing Ingenium, we’ve found a number of places where we thought the system could be improved. The magic system is one of those.

Now, with the next version of the Ingenium errata in development, we’ve decided to rework magic slightly. All of the existing spells will work with the new revision, and there is still a Tap roll and a Magic Use roll, but beyond that we have massive changes.

Magic energy sources are explained in more detail, and tapping personal energy becomes a free (but limited) ability with no Tap check required. The use of death energy is better outlined. Rules for randomly generating leyline and node placement are added.

Now, tapping energy doesn’t affect the level of the spell you can cast. Instead, it affects whether or not an opposing mage can Counter your spell.

Using a book or scroll to cast a spell now imposes a penalty to the Magic Use roll. This represents the mage reading the directions and trying to understand the workings of an unfamiliar spell.

I’ve also added clarifications to how Dispelling and Countering work, and refined the level restriction on spellcasting.

It’s still being tested, but as the majority of these changes are houserules that have been in effect for awhile, it won’t be too long before this revision is released as part of the next round of errata. Other changes that are coming include modifications to character creation and advancement, some minor clarifications, and an addition to combat.