Introducing the Product Spotlight!

Happy Wednesday! We have something for the fans on our facebook page. In addition to a fan getting a 25% off coupon for a purchase, we have started a Product Spotlight, which will change every two weeks. To kick it off, we’re starting with Wellstone City, which if you’ve managed to never hear of it, is one of the best selling modern urban adventure settings in the Savage Worlds licensee catalog!

Our Product Spotlights will change every two weeks, and each product in the spotlight will have a 20% off coupon for its purchase. The coupon code given to our fans may be used with with other coupons. For those of you who have a Poker Chip that you were awarded at a Con, and for those of you who are using the 25% off coupon for being a fan on facebook, you could save an outstanding 55% on the product in the Spotlight!

Check out Wellstone City today, and hit some of the Wellstone City Chronicles, the plot point adventure that continues to expand the sandbox of Wellstone City!