It’s been a while…

There’s been a lot happening at Silver Gryphon Games, behind the scenes if nothing else. Let’s have a quick recap of the big highlights of the last two weeks.

First and foremost, on a personal level, Kevin’s son Michael has passed away following an accidental drowning. That’s hit all of us here pretty hard and Kevin is slowly returning back to his day-job as well as to his duties at Silver Gryphon. Kelly has done a fantastic job working behind the scenes on Facebook and twitter, and she’s been keeping our fans informed of what’s going on. The support from the gaming community on this has been fantastic, and Kevin wishes he could thank each of you in person for that.

Secondly, we have registered with the Mission: Small Business website for a shot at $250,000! We have enough votes to qualify, but we can always use more! It logs in with your Facebook account, you don’t have to pay anything to vote, and it doesn’t register you for anything within Facebook. After you’ve logged in, search for Silver Gryphon Games and don’t worry about the city/state selections. Click search, and cast your vote! One little minute of your life could change the path of Silver Gryphon Games forever!

Third, Kelly has done a ton of stuff behind the scenes, some of which is starting to show up on our Facebook page. Check it out today for fan exclusive offers, such as freebies, a coupon for 25% off at the Silver Gryphon Store, and a coupon code for our Product Spotlight! This time around, it’s the Æther Core Book, the one and only core book you need to start playing our most popular system! Buy it today, play it today, but the special offer is only available to our Fans!