Happy 4th of July! (well, almost)

It’s the day before Independence Day here in the US, and we all love getting together with friends and family to enjoy good times, good food, and of course, to see things blow up. We have a busy weekend ahead of us between the 4th of July and heading to Kant Con, but that doesn’t mean we stopped working!

Our Wellstone City freebie adventure hook is edited and getting put into a PDF format for all of you! It should end up at about 4 pages and give you all kinds of insane ideas of how to get started in Wellstone under a variety of different ways. Just because it’s the seedy city of the south, doesn’t mean your characters have to be contract-hitters…

Kant Con is mere days away. This year Silver Gryphon has out grown taking a minivan filled to the kills with luggage, booth, books, and people, and we graduated up to renting a full-sized van. At this rate, next year, we’ll need a bus! We have three Silver Gryphon staff members running games, as well as our good friend, Steve Thum who will be dealing out one of our Con favorites, Scooby Doo and C’thulhu too!

We have a few other projects in the works, including swag, so stay tuned, party safe, and since most of the US is having a heat wave, be careful with those fireworks! We’ve had enough wildfires this year!
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