Happy Independence Day, America!

Today is the 4th of July, a day that America celebrates it’s independence! It’s also a special day because it’s an extra press release from us here at Silver Gryphon Games, and we’re using it to draw attention to the Michael Rohan Memorial Fund.

We’ve been pretty quiet about it, all things considered, but we have been working with our friends at Fabled Environments to coordinate a PDF bundle through DriveThru RPG to support the fund. The fund is going to help train lifeguards, help families pay for swimming lessons, help provide CPR training, and help with grief counseling locally, but if we can get enough money in it, we have some big plans to expand that out of our immediate vicinity.

For more information on the bundle, and details of what is in the bundle, go out to DriveThru RPG. There are publishers adding to this, literally every day, and if you are a publisher and want to contribute, contact us and we’ll get you the information you need. For those of you who have purchased the bundle, it will automatically update the bundle’s contents, so keep checking. The bundle is $12.00 (US) and has nearly $270 worth of product in it from about 20 different publishers, and as I said, that number grows daily. Yesterday alone saw over $50 and 5 publishers adding material.

The bundle won’t be around forever, and all of the proceeds from it go directly to Michael’s fund! If nothing else, it’s an awesome opportunity to get an amazing sampling of the RPG world in general, especially Savage Worlds; there have been a ton of licensees that have added to the bundle!

Thank you all, so much!