New Wellstone Freebie and More!

We’re ending the week with a product release, a freebie this time around! Death of the Prophet is a scene in Wellstone, a building razing, with multiple different takes on how it could be handled by different groups. It shows you that working for the syndicates in Wellstone City isn’t the only option to be had in the Shining Metropolis of the South! Check it out at the Silver Gryphon Store or at DriveThru RPG!

We’ve been dropping clues about a Kickstarter project, and everything is falling into place on that. We hope to update you on that on Monday, and it should be pretty awesome! We don’t need much to get this one funded and we should have a good time doing it as well.

Kevin’s got a couple more releases lined up for the next few weeks and he and Ben are both pounding on projects behind the scenes. It shouldn’t take much to start seeing some product rolling out, and if this crowdsourcing endeavor pans out, you should see more of them in the future so we can take our product to the next level! Keep up with us on Facebook and watch us race to 500 Fans! When that hits, we will have a special birthday treat for you, delivered on your birthday, compliments of Silver Gryphon Games! But that’s only available for fans, so tell your friends to get on it today!