Up and Coming!

It’s been a while since we’ve released anything, longer than we would like, so here’s a quick peek at what is coming up. Kevin is working on Death of the Prophet, a freebie for Wellstone City that gives you several adventure hooks all linked into a single incident. That has been edited and is being laid out, and it should be available for the Æther and Savage Worlds systems over the next two weeks, with a separate release for each system. Kevin is working on a freebie adventure for our Facebook Fans and that is being done in conjunction with Fabled Environments, so that should be a great little adventure!

Ben also has some things in the pipe, a second General Talents source book for Ingenium, and much like the first one, this one will be free. He’s putting the finishing touches on Eiridia, and we hope to have a big announcement about that in the very near future. He has some adventures in the works as well, some of which were play tested at this last convention and they are in the final stages of completion as well.

We have some other projects to announce that are RPG related, but are not specifically RPGs themselves, so keep your eyes opened for those as well!

Stay tuned, and keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter!