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Two years past the release of the first printing of Ingenium, we’ve collected a veritable mountain of notes garnered from playing the game, interacting with fans, and hacking at half-baked house rules. Last year, we released a batch of these notes as the Ingenium Errata.

While Ingenium is a great, enjoyable game, it’s clear that it needs a lot more than a few tweaks. Player characters, if built correctly, can reach god-killing power at level 10, rather than level 20 as intended. Races and professions are slightly unbalanced. The monsters section, while packed with fun creatures, is primarily new creations that have no illustrations or other frame of reference. We’ve also learned a great deal about art and layout since it was first released.

For these and other reasons, we’re making a significant alteration to the existing rulebook. It’s so massive that we can’t properly call it a new printing. With forty pages added on to the original book, a wealth of new artwork, new indexes, and a brief introduction to the upcoming Eiridia setting, Ingenium Second Edition is going to be amazing.

Now, those of you who have purchased the First Edition don’t need to feel left out in the cold. A good portion of the rules changes in Second Edition will be released as a new errata document for First Edition for free, so you’ll be able to use the new rules without having to repurchase the rulebook. Before the new edition hits, we’ll also be releasing the General Talent Sourcebook 2 and an as-yet-unmentioned small sourcebook. Then, Second Edition will be out, and we’ll finish the year for Ingenium with the release of the Eiridia campaign setting.

For the rest of the year, then, you can look forward to a new Ingenium release once a month.


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