It’s Friday!!!!

There’s been a lot announced this week, and a lot that is going on, as you are well aware! There are a number of things that we are participating in that are wrapping up soon, and some new endeavors that we’re starting. We’ll get to the new endeavors next week, today we’ll highlight some of the things that are starting to wrap up.

The Michael Rohan Memorial Bundle at DriveThru RPG has just about run its course. This bundle, spearheaded by Fabled Environments will have all of the proceeds donated to the Michael Rohan Memorial Fund which will help fund families to give their children swimming lessons, help train lifeguards, and provide CPR lessons as well. The bundle has almost 300 dollars worth of gaming material in it and a ton of Freebies from a lot of companies, and we urge you to check it out before the 30th of the month and it’s gone forever! It’s just 12 bucks!

Next up is the Christmas in July sale at DriveThru RPG, which we are participating in! Through the 30th of July, you can take 25% off all of our products at DriveThru RPG. The Michael Rohan Bundle is exempted from this, but it’s a great opportunity to check out our Diabolical Traps, Wellstone City, Ingenium, or Æther! We don’t have very many sales where we take this much off our product, so see what we have in PDF and Paperback today!

Last and never least is our very first Kickstarter Project, Official Silver Gryphon Dice! We were funded in less than 30 hours and we’re about to (at the time of writing this) hit our first stretch goal, which means we’ll be working with Crystal Caste to bring you high quality dice imprinted with the Silver Gryphon logo! We still have a couple of stretch goals to go, and the more of those that are completed, the more awesome the dice get! Check it out and throw down for your very own set of Silver Gryphon Dice!

That’s it for today, stay tuned for next week when we announce a few product releases and a few other gems!