Standard Fantasy Races in Ingenium

Twelve years ago, when I wrote the very first version of what would become Ingenium, it was filled with standard fantasy races. It had dwarves, halflings, a variety of elves, and no less than twelve dragon races for PCs. Dragons have since become the big villains of the Eiridia setting, and are vastly more powerful than any PC should ever be starting out.

When Ingenium first edition was close to being released, it had no standard fantasy races at all, other than humans. Elves and dwarves were added as an afterthought right before the manuscript was finalized and sent to layout.

With Ingenium Second Edition, that’s going to be changing, and massively. No less than four new races are being added, and existing ones that haven’t received the treatment they deserved are being fleshed out. And, just because I like the British spelling better, “dwarves” are becoming “dwarfs.” Elves remain elves, however.

Eiridia is a unique fantasy setting. Standard fantasy races play little part in it. However, there’s no reason that Ingenium can’t offer those races to gamers used to having them. Count on the Ingenium treatment to be slightly different, though!


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