Weekend Update!

Holy cow! Our Kickstarter was a huge success! We completely blew past any expectations we had for what we would raise for this project. As a result, we will have official Silver Gryphon dice for sale in the store before Christmas! We’ve had a ton of questions about the dice via the Kickstarter system, but one that has gone unasked and unanswered (before now) is, “if you’re offering dice in the future as product, what makes these special?” The answer: we will never run the dice in the same color pattern. The Kickstarter dice will be unique in that aspect.

We will have lots of updates on where we are with the pledge awards in the coming days. We will keep everyone as up-to-date as possible on what’s going on with the manufacturing process as well, and finally, with shipping once we have the dice ready to go. One thing is for sure, with over 200 backers, we’re going to keep the post office very, very busy when we send these out!

A lot of what we’ve been doing has been revolving around the Kickstarter and, well, it was a major project for us. We still have our Facebook fan page up and going strong, with tons of freebies for our fans, as well as special coupon codes that our fans can use at the Silver Gryphon Store.

In addition to that, we have movement on some major projects, and we’ll have some new updates on them. You already know about the Ingenium revamp, Ingenium 2, but there’s some other stuff on the move at Silver Gryphon that we haven’t had a big news release yet.

We also have a fan-only freebie in the works which will start in September! It is a little birthday present from us here at Silver Gryphon to all of our almost 700 (probably more than that by now!) Facebook Fans! Not only that, but we sweet-talked Fabled Environments into helping out with this one as well!

We’ve been busy and we’re gearing up for an awesome fall and winter here at Silver Gryphon Games! Come along and enjoy the ride!