Ingenium 2 Teaser: The Satyr

One of the new races in Ingenium Second Edition is the Satyr. Mischievous, entertaining, and definitely not your traditional satyr, these guys are one of the races I look forward to playing whenever I’m not GMing. Below you’ll find the entire text of the new race, including its Talent.

Though the format is for Second Edition, you can use this race in your first edition games unmodified.

The Satyr

Mischievous and infernally clever, satyrs were originally a woodland fae race that has adopted humans’ penchant for expanding ever outward. They build cities vertically in ever-rising, ever-twisting spirals, and absolutely adore roads and pathways that seemingly lead nowhere. Most other races consider satyr cities to be maddeningly complex, and that suits satyrs just fine.

They are short and mostly human-looking, but they have goats’ legs with cloven hooves for feet and twisting horns that closely resemble their cities. Satyrs’ hair is usually very coarse and stiff, and they most often have it in dreadlocks.

A satyr’s attire is usually made up of heavy cloth dyed in exuberant clashing colors. A common proverb used by other races is “as colorful as a satyr.” This is not to say that satyrs have no sense of fashion; they just adore color and texture, and love clothing themselves in as bright and cheery a mix as they can manage.

Satyrs display an incredible ability to spin tales and craft songs. Their voices are usually gravelly and coarse, but the pipes and flutes that they often carry with them sound heavenly even to untrained ears. Of all the races, satyrs make the best bards, and their services are frequently sought after in noble courts.

Race Statistics

Average Height: 5’9”
Average Weight: 190 lbs
Average Maximum Age: 90

Attribute Bonus: +1 Charisma

Satyr Talent

Storyteller – Satyrs are excellent storytellers. Whether their tales are told through word or song, they can craft narratives that leave their audiences breathless. Satyrs gain a +3 bonus to all Charisma checks to captivate audiences with their stories.