Projects, Projects, Projects!

Projects, projects, projects!

Good day! We’re working hard here at Silver Gryphon on a number of projects. Before we get into that, we need to address something with Facebook. We hit 1000 fans! The number is still climbing as I type this, and I’m expecting to be up over 1020 before midnight tonight! That’s amazing! We were at 250 in May, we hit 500 at the end of July, and before the end of September we were over 1000! We’re going to do something to celebrate, and we’re making it fan-tastic (Yes, of course I meant the pun)! If you haven’t become a fan of us by hitting the like button on our Facebook page yet, what are you waiting for? We have an awesome coupon for the Store for all of our fans, we have a really awesome birthday adventure for a free birthday gift for all of you (we send the link to all of our fans on their birthday), as well as scores of other stuff! Hit it, tell your friends, and let’s see if we can hit 2000 fans by the end of the year!

I mentioned projects. Kevin is closing the books on A Thule and His Money, a re-formatted Two Bit Thugs, and Camp Wicakini, part III! Ben is working hard on completing an overhaul of the Ingenium system, and we have a few other projects from another author or two that we’re looking forward to getting out! Not only that, but Kevin completed an adventure for the next issue Savage Insider. Check them out when you get a spare second and see that they’re doing for the Savage Community!

One final project…due to our relationship with Fabled Environments we will be carrying maps for some of our adventures: full-sized, professionally printed maps. We are working with them to make this happen, and we will have a limited supply on hand to keep for conventions, but they will be available through our store in the future! All of your favorite Wellstone City adventures with brand new maps! Shiny!

And what would be a shiny new map without a physical copy of the adventure to go along with it? Stay tuned for more news on that…