It’s been a while…

We’ve been very busy, so busy, in fact, that we forgot to tell you what has us so busy! Let’s hit it by topic.

We have a lot going on here. We have two other kickstarters in the works, and we’ll be giving you more information on those as come closer to releasing and announcing them. I can tell you that we have something for Æther in the works, and something for Ingenium, and they’re big, big projects. We’re going to be very excited to be offering these to you. We learned a lot from our last kickstarter experience, and we are applying those lessons to the coming ones.

The Dice are coming! We’re still waiting on a delivery confirmation date, but they should be in our possession within 2 weeks! Kevin’s been plugging away on the bags, our calligraphy is done, and there are a few other things we’re finishing up. There will be pictures posted when we get them, and then after that, we should start offering them in the stores. Those of you who will most likely be attending Nanocon, we really hope to be able to hand them to you then! Hey, speaking of which…

Final preparations are underway for Nanocon X! We’ll be in Madison, SD on November 2nd, getting set up and getting settled in. We’ll give you a complete list of what we’ll be running here in the coming days, but rest assured, it will be awesome. Also, it will be our first Panzer Reich tournament! Hopefully everything goes well, it’s geared up to be something spectacular!

Ben and Kevin will be tweaking things on the website in the next few days. We’re actually doing a major switch behind the scenes, and the website might get a little wonky, but don’t worry, we’ll fix it as bugs arise, but if you see something seriously messed up, contact us and let us know, we may have missed it!

There’s more, there’s so much more, but we want to save some of it for another time, too! In the mean time, don’t forget to find us on Store for your efforts, and become elligible for an awesome adventure for your birthday, just for clicking a button a few times! You can’t lose!