Nanocon 2012 – A Con in Review

We end our convention year with Nanocon 2012, or Nanocon X as it is officially called. For 10 years Dakota State University has put on a convention that is the best game Con in South Dakota, and arguably one of the best in Iowa, Nebraska, or Minnesota. That’s no small claim, as there are some excellent Conventions that we’ve been to in the central United States, but Nanocon has delivered on venue, speakers, concessions, assistance at the Con, players, and variety of games time and time again. We are already looking forward to Nanocon 11 on what should be Nov 1 – 3 next year.

So this year we ran a TON of stuff, including A Darkness at Summerfort, Wellstone City Chronicles (Public Transit Assassins which folded nicely into Burning Crosses this time) the first-ever Panzer Reich tournament, and Camp Wicakini I and Camp Wicakini III. Kevin even managed to squeak in a talk about augmenting RPGs with reality as the theme of the Con was integrating reality into gaming and gaming into reality.

All-in-all, it was a great con. Between the Con and another event in town, the entire town was sold out of hotel rooms, which was awesome to hear. We can’t wait to go back next year, hopefully with another few people to run games for us!


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