Wellstone Wednesday and some Announcements

Greetings! We’re still working on a few things here at Silver Gryphon on a tech-support level, so please be patient as we navigate this switch over to the new server host. In the mean time, we’re still posting content and we’re still working hard on a number of things, and we’ll hit them all quickly here.

Dice Kickstarter
It’s been a while since we’ve updated this and we were hoping to have dice…today. Since that’s the past tense you can correctly guess that Kevin doesn’t have them yet. There was a mistake at the machine shop that created the casting insert for the percentile d10s, and the casting insert isn’t working. It is being machined from scratch and is being made a priority, and casting the remaining dice will be made a priority at Crystal Caste. There will be updates to those who have pledged for the Kickstarter. Looks like we’ll be shipping about 8 weeks behind where we wanted to be, but hey, we’re still looking at getting them out! Dice bags are almost done, the Calligraphy is done, and address labels are made up. We’re very excited to see this one come to a close, and as soon as it does, we have news about our next one!

The website transition is still on-going. We have a few email issues to sort out, but that should be done by the end of Wednesday, so hopefully if you’re reading this, it’s already been addressed. The store is up, but with some issues, and we’ll get those ironed out over the next few days.

Wellstone Wednesday!
This week for Wellstone Wednesday, we’re talking about the wellstones themselves! These columns of rock do not appear to be native to the island that is named for them; they are an especially hard basalt, and they are almost cylindrical, being a few feet across to a few hundred yards across. Most of them are 100 yards long, but there are some that have been discovered to be several hundred yards tall, extending deep into the stone that makes up the island. They don’t appear to be in any discernable pattern through the island.

What are they? They are whatever you need them to be. In a game that focuses on the Wellstone City Chronicles as written, they aren’t anything but part of the backdrop. In a game that focuses on supernatural creatures, magic, or superheroes, they could be a major focal point of the plot. Maybe they’re prisons of supernatural beings, maybe they serve as a focus for supernatural energy. Maybe Wellstone City was an outpost of Atlantis and the wellstones are what’s left of their power generators or some other technology remnant.

They are everything, they are nothing. Maybe there is a pattern to them, maybe there isn’t. Maybe they used to be an ancient calendar, like Stonehenge. Maybe they’re what are left of a massive support structure for ancient aliens that used the planet as an outpost. Maybe the ancients found a way to super-cool volcanoes and Wellstone Island was their testing ground for advanced weapons/technologies. Maybe each Wellstone houses an ancient Cthulhonic Horror. Perhaps they will be sundered during the breaking of the Bowl Seals as foretold in the Book of Revelations. Maybe they are just there.