Introducing Summerfort Sunday

Summerfort Sunday

Today is the inaugural Summerfort Sunday.

You might say this is a marketing gimmick designed to bring more people into the site, and you’d be right. But it’s so much more than that!

Up until now, our Ingenium product line has received very little official support. While we have a baker’s dozen of products in various states of completion for it, only the first General Talent Sourcebook has seen release. We’ve been very quiet about the rest of it, and our focus has been on supporting Wellstone City™ and Æther™.

That is all about to change, starting with today, this very first Summerfort Sunday.

Allow me to introduce to you the microsetting that will be the focal point of all adventures released for Ingenium in 2013: the border town of Summerfort.

What is Summerfort?

It’s a large town of about 3,500 people on the border of the Dominion of Rekellia and the kingdom of Redami in the vast world of Eiridia. Home to a thriving trade industry, and host to dozens upon dozens of merchants, traders, smugglers, and thieves, Summerfort is a major up-and-coming mercantile center.

Problem is, when Summerfort was built, little thought was given to the history of its surroundings. If the founders had known about half of the things buried beneath the soil in the borderlands, they would never have set foot within leagues of the place.

A Darkness in Summerfort

And that’s where a Darkness in Summerfort comes in. The first adventure for the Ingenium system, this introduction to the Eiridia and Summerfort settings lets players get their first look at the town, its surroundings, and the evil slumbering beneath it. While a standalone adventure in its own right, a Darkness at Summerfort also introduces a number of major NPCs in the area, sets up several potential story arcs, and provides a healthy helping of old-school dungeon romping.

The Mailing List

To prepare for the release of this adventure, we’ve created a nifty mailing list for folks to sign up for. Subscribers get insider information, more detail on Summerfort itself, and special extras that we won’t be giving out anywhere else. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor with the Eiridia edition of Ingenium, also! To sign up, head over here:

The Darkness at Summerfort Official Landing Page