It’s Wellstone Wednesday!

This week on Wellstone Wednesday, it’s time to meet the most powerful organization in town:

The Cabbie Union

One of the most overlooked Unions in Wellstone City is the Cabbie Union.  They are one of the most powerful groups in Wellstone because of the faces they see and the information they overhear.  Phone calls, conversations, people’s attitudes, and people’s faces; all of these things culminate into an information gathering web when the Cabbies are sitting around and talking at the end of their shifts or radioing strange happenings in.

Friends of the Union get some pretty special perks, such as no-questions-asked service, and the find-a-ride number.  No matter where they are, no matter what kind of trouble they’re in, the Cabbie Union in Wellstone City delivers prompt and courteous service to those it protects, or to those Freelancers they employ.  The Union also helps bring in people for other criminal organizations and give them cover jobs while they’re in Wellstone City.  The Union only refuses to help organizations that are openly at war with them, and it’s unwise to be at war with the Cab drivers.  They more than any other organization have their eyes and ears everywhere in the city.