Secrets of the Dragons

Summerfort Sunday

Summerfort being a border town of appreciable size has attracted a handful of scholars from the Imperial capital. These scholars hope to discover, investigate, and catalogue traces of lost civilizations. Their mandate from the Empire comes from an Imperial desire to recover weapons to use against its enemies, and so their support is dependent on acquisition of such artifacts.

However, one of the scholars that has come to Summerfort has an entirely different field of study in mind. His name is Arlabester Zorast, and he seeks knowledge of the Dragons.

The Dragons of Eiridia are considered long dead, and thankfully so. They were as powerful as the gods themselves, and in some cases, became gods. They were the first race to unlock the secrets of magic. Over the ages of their rule, the Dragons came to know such power that they were able to reconstruct reality itself.

In time, their empires were broken and most of the Dragons themselves were slain. The cause of the sudden disappearance of this incredibly powerful, seemingly indestructible race is assumed to be the work of the Prime Goddesses. However, very little evidence remains to even hint at what happened.

Over the last ten years, Arlabester has searched for some clue to what befell the Dragons. His search has at last brought him here, to Summerfort, where he believes the last written record of draconic history is hidden.

If he is correct, and such a book does exist, then it would be worth more than even the wealth of the Emperor himself. Not only would it reveal the mysteries of the Dragons’ demise, but it may even contain knowledge of their arcane practices, something that has never been discovered. Many powers in the world would go to any lengths to acquire such a book.

Only a handful of organizations are following Arbalester’s work, and of those, only one knows why he has traveled to Summerfort. The scholar knows nothing of those that follow him, and only has eyes for his research.