The Two Kingdoms – Rekellia and Redami

Summerfort Sunday
Summerfort is based on the border of two kingdoms. The first is Rekellia, largest and longest-lived of the countries in Galtharion. The second is Redami, youngest kingdom in the world.

Rekellia is the remains of a continent-spanning empire that once united Galtharion. Its culture and history are rich and full, and though its time of dominance has passed, its people still remain proud of their heritage.

Redami, on the other hand, is the last province to split away from the Rekellian Dominion. As a young kingdom, it clings fiercely to its national identity and clashes with Rekellia on all fronts in an effort to define itself and legitimize itself.

Though the conflict between the two has calmed to a slow, smoldering cold war, border skirmishes are still a regular occurrence. As an outpost in the middle of it all, Summerfort has become de facto neutral territory where Rekellians and Redami together meet, trade, and talk. The undercurrents of war are muted in the trade city, but are not completely missing. There are frequent tavern brawls between off-duty soldiers of both sides, though few are willing to let the fights spill out into the streets.

Though Rekellia and Redami are detailed to a much greater degree in the Eiridia core book coming out in 2013, here are presented two cultural General Talents you can use to get the flavor of each in your current Ingenium games. As with all cultural Talents, these can only be taken at character creation and are in opposition to each other, so you can’t take both.

Rekellian Heritage

As a child of the former Empire, you are proudly aware of your country’s past and its role in shaping the known world. You have some connection to the old Imperial bloodlines, and have the noble paperwork to prove it. Because of this, you gain a +4 bonus to Charisma checks when dealing with Rekellian nobility.

Passion of Redami

Though your origins are Rekellian, you are among the most fiery supporters of the Redami cause. You bear the red hair and light skin common among the Redami coastal people, and have connections to the original rebels that broke away from the Empire. You gain a +2 bonus to Charisma checks when dealing with Redami patriots, and a +2 bonus to Appearance checks with any Redami in general.