Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Well, it’s that special day of the week again, but this one is a little better than most. Today is a day that we here in America commemorate one of the greatest speakers and the most influential people of the 20th century. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great man who was fighting a monumental tragedy in this country and helped heal race relations as African Americans fought in many places for equal rights, and to be treated with common decency and respect. The scars of slavery and segregation have been long healing in the United States, and Dr. King made great strides in helping everyone get along and realize their dreams.

On an entirely different note, Kevin test-ran our first online game. He used our Æther system via a Google Hangout and it worked fantastically. The response back from the players has been fantastic. It seems like everyone is chomping at the bit to get the second part of it finished, and it’ll be a great one. Persian Empire era, Clockwork technology, Dark Tragedy…it was a heck of a start, and it’ll be even more fun once we get into it more during sessions two and three.

Ben is already planning hard on getting his session organized, which will be on Februrary 1st. Keep looking for an event that we will invite our fans and friends to via Facebook! Ben wants to limit it to 5 seated players, plus himself, which doesn’t give us too many more slots available since we’re using Google Plus. For those of you who are opposed to Google and don’t have a Google or G+ account, we will be setting up some dummy accounts specifically for these games so that everyone can have a chance that wants one. Don’t let that seat limit deter you either! We are not doing pre-registration or anything for this one, just in case someone has to drop out at the last second, we don’t want to leave someone out of the fun!

Last, but never least, we are headed to Vermincon at the end of the week. We’ll have tons of dice available in singles and sets, our full compliment of books, adventures, maps, and for those of you who like your electric gaming libraries, we can set you up with PDFs right at the booth as well! Kevin will be running two games as scheduled, with maybe a few pick up games here and there, depending on booth traffic. We hope to see you there!