Magic and Architecture

Summerfort Sunday

In Eiridia’s continent of Galtharion, where Summerfort is located, some civilizations have harnessed magic in ways that improve the quality of life of everyday people. Chief among these are Rekellia and Nardora. Summerfort, being nominally a Rekellian city, enjoys some of these comforts.

The most obvious of these on entering Summerfort from the north is the great Lakewall. When the protective wall was built around the town, the original plan was to build it around the lake. However, a visiting wizard from the Imperial College of Applied Sorceries persuaded the city council to build the wall through the lake instead. With the wizard’s help, the stone set in and under the lake was enchanted to protect it from erosion, and large grates were placed throughout the underwater sections that allowed water and fish to pass through, but nothing else. Though originally intended as an experiment, the section of the wall called the Lakewall has proved to be a boon. A side effect of the protective enchantments on the grates has caused the lake’s water to become purer than any other water source for miles. No matter what pollutants or toxins are dumped into the lake, the water remains clean and safe to drink.

While the wizard from the Imperial College was working on the Lakewall, he also helped engineer certain other improvements in Summerfort. One is an enchantment on the arena in town that greatly improves the acoustics for players on the field – you can hear every bone break, even if you’re seated in the farthest row from the arena floor. Another is the fountain in the southeastern district of the city. The water it sprays forth glitters as if every droplet were infused with fire, and the effect is almost hypnotic. Since its enchantment, the fountain has become one of the most popular meeting points in the city.

These enchantments are not simple,  however. It took well over two years to complete the Lakewall, and its construction was marked by numerous collapses and missteps in the magic. Even the fountain, with its relatively uncomplicated effect, took nearly half a year to enchant.

While the Imperial College of Applied Sorceries is the center of research into architectural magic, it isn’t the only source of wizards tampering with buildings and structures. There are numerous academies throughout the civilized parts of Galtharion devoted to this study, and large cities like the Rekellian and Nardoran capitals are so richly modified with magic that their citizens could not dream of living without them.

The most powerfully enchanted city in Eiridia, however, has no roots in any soil. It has been seen so rarely that many doubt its very existence. Haven, the City in the Clouds, may be just a legend. But that’s a tale for another day.