Vermincon: Day 2 Review

Kevin spent most of the day talking with people and working on Adventure in a Con! and got most of it written. Fredd Gorham is working on the artwork for it and it’s looking very good that it will be done very shortly. Due to impending weather, Kevin doesn’t think that we’ll be done before the end of the convention; it may be prudent to take off early. However, Kevin has the map done, the weapon tables done, and everything is looking good! Instead of getting it 100% done at the convention, we’ll take an extra week, get it edited, and turn out a fantastic romp!

Kevin ran through A Thule and His Money, and managed to run through the entire adventure for the first time in one sitting. It will be released shortly, so stay tuned for information regarding this 1937 pulp adventure dealing with double agents, secret societies, zeppelins, ancient artifacts!

We’re watching the weather carefully, and hopefully we can stay for the day; people are filtering back in for the morning and we’ve had a great con so far!