February 2013

Æthursday, Rules Update!

Fumbling a Ranged Attack Placement of a ranged attack matters. Sometimes, it matters more than other times, especially when a ranged attack is highly critical, either to damage something specific, or to leave specific things in the environment unharmed. If the attack misses, it can be difficult to determine exactly what happens. In most other …

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Technology and Silver Gryphon

Normally at this time of the week, I’d be writing a post about Summerfort and sharing it with you. However, recent events bear a bit of explaining, so instead I’ll be writing about that. If you were excited to hear more news about Summerfort, don’t worry, there’s a tidbit of news about that hidden in …

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Æthursday! Generic vs. Universal

Æther is, and always will be a Universal system, a system that you can literally do anything with. Generic systems are different in that you can use the system to do anything. It’s a slight difference, but it’s an important one. It’s the difference between name-brand pop and store-brand pop, it’s the difference between using …

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