Gamicon: Day 1

Day 1: We had a few hitches getting the booth set up, but it got put up, cars were parked in ramps, and we were up and going! The convention seems to be very well organized from the vendor stand point, and everyone so far has been extremely friendly. There’s been a bunch of good picture so far, and we’ve had a lot of fun meeting people and talking to them. This is an area that we’ve never really been to before, so there’s lots of new faces for us!

Ben and Yuki have been working the booth and wandering the Con, while Kevin ran his second Adventure in a Con. This time around, the adventure was a Stone Age, Space Technology, Fantasy, Action adventure. The players used an unfinished Stone Age Primer that Kevin happened to have with him, and they were cavemen that, through a long story (which will be Adventure in a Con 2) found a Nasa ship from the future. Not that they knew that…they just knew that there as this cave that was up off the ground and they had reason to believe that their Shaman was inside.

We’re all waking up and gearing for day 2, fortifying with breakfast and coffee! Kevin will be writing Adventure in a Con 2: The Legend of the One-Toes, Ben and Shannon (one of our two editors) will be running games today!