What’s Next for Summerfort

Summerfort Sunday

With A Darkness at Summerfort officially released, the way is clear for the next adventure for Ingenium. This will be Dawn at Fortress Fairling, a heavy-hitting survival scenario that puts the player characters in a very sticky situation.

It’s set at the titular Fortress Fairling, a few days’ journey northwest of the town of Summerfort. Unlike Summerfort, Fortress Fairling is very much a Rekellian military base, and its outlook on Redami sympathizers is very dim. This outpost is being set up as a counter to Summerfort’s easy-going trade nature, and in addition to being the setting for a great adventure, gives plenty of background information for GMs to complicate matters for PCs in the region.

The next few weeks will see Summerfort Sundays posts giving more insight into exactly why Fortress Fairling is so important, and what Dawn at Fortress Fairling brings to the table for Ingenium GMs and players alike. Keep a weather eye on the horizon!


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