What lies beneath? The secret of Summerfort.

Summerfort Sunday

Anyone who’s played both A Darkness at Summerfort and Dawn at Fortress Fairling may have a creeping suspicion that there’s something amiss about the city of Summerfort. It’s more than just a bad feeling, though. The first adventure for Summerfort hinted at it with its title, but there’s a deeper truth at work here.

Summerfort is surrounded by ancient ruins. Some of it lies near to the surface, like the dungeon in A Darkness at Summerfort. Others are deeper, and their presence goes unnoticed for now.

Magic, too, runs rich in the Summerfort region. No less than three nodes lie within twenty miles of the city, with leylines of power crisscrossing the area. It’s no wonder that mage-builders are drawn to the city to construct beautiful and functional works of art.

The Eiridia setting is full of fascinating places and stories within stories. This border city in Rekellia, though, may prove to be one of the most important of this age of the world. Its connections to past ages are slowly being unearthed, and ancient powers that should remain dormant will awaken if nothing changes.

What lies beneath the fertile, magic-rich soil of Summerfort? Dawn at Fortress Fairling will tell you some small part of the story, if you’re clever enough to find it. The Battle of Dragon’s Reach, the final part in the first Eiridia Saga, offers another piece. You must discover all of this, and put the whole story together.

The hope and promise of an age may well hang in the balance.