Rock and Role! Pros and Cons

The purpose of this blog was to talk about situations that come up in the gaming world and around game tables. I’m stepping away from that this week in order to discuss conventions, and specifically, Kantcon, which was this previous weekend in the Kansas City metro area. Kantcon is a convention that we were pointed to in 2011, and it’s got a fun feel, it was (and is) well run, and it was loaded full of people who were there to game while being staffed by people who were there to facilitate massive amounts of gamers. This was our third year there and they did not disappoint.

It was a great convention. We had a blast. I actually got to play in a game (which is very rare), I ran an Adventure in a Con, which was fantastic, ran into some old friends and fans, made some new connections, and had a great time. The con has switched facilities from last year due to circumstances beyond their control. A new location was found and it had a good space, but it caused Kantcon to make some decisions they didn’t want to make concerning vendor space, but to be honest, they did the best they could with what they had. All-in-all it was a great time and the staff performed admirably as always. Even for being a very small convention (all things considered), the con volunteers were very professional, and reacted very quickly to any problems they hadn’t proactively resolved.

We always try to be extremely approachable at conventions. We love talking with people to share stories and memories. We love gaming with people and sharing the gaming experience. We have a definite business component to be taken into consideration as well, and thankfully we can still run and play in games while fulfilling the business end of things while at conventions. Conventions that run as smoothly as Kant Con make all of that significantly easier for us. For those of you wanting to hit a con and you’re within driving distance of Kansas City, we strongly recommend putting it on your list for next year. It has always had a very professional feel and I have every faith and confidence that it will continue to do so into the future.