Wellstone City Update – Morganridge

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Morganridge is a dicey neighborhood in Little Italy, and it’s one where tourists are advised to avoid. All people from the lower rungs of society can be found there, and life is valued, and shortened, by the contents of your wallet. Outsiders are preyed upon like lambs, and the hospitals are overflowing with people needing critical care for beatings, stabbings, shootings, or worse. Gangs clash in constant turf wars, playing in a deadly game of counting coup against each other, giving them a twisted sense of respect and disrespect like the Mafia families of the 1930’s.

While Morganridge is deep inside Falcassi territory, not even the crime family tries to control this 12 square blocks of area. The cancer of crime is too deep to even attempt to pacify, but they do run a few games here and there. Protection schemes don’t work, and loan sharking gets dangerous when the neighborhood bands together to protect anyone who gets involved with the Falcassis. They stick instead to mostly lower-tier activity: prostitution, gambling, and drugs.

The Irish, the Crosses, and the Russians all want to figure out a way to get in and clean out Morganridge, and establish a foothold in Italian territory. All of them want to go about it in different ways; the Irish want to establish a headquarters, the Crosses want to take tactical control, and the Russians want to control all of the business and get the gangs out of the organized crime. Word on the street is that they’d pay pretty handsomely for what is being called the Morganridge Run.

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