Wellstone City Update – Smuggler’s Tunnels

Buried under the north end of the island, under Little Italy, are a series of tunnels that have honey combed themselves through the limestone bedrock and around the wellstones that the city takes its name from. The Ishekiowa tribe knew they existed and used them to take shelter from Europeans and Americans that were invading their island. After the tribe all but vanished, the knowledge of the tunnels was not shared, and they were not discovered again until 1910.

The Italian mobs were the first to re-discover them. They quickly built businesses over the top of the entrances and then disguised the entrances to look like trap doors and root cellars. The news of tunnels was kept a secret up until the end of Prohibition when people discovered that they were being used as an underground city; a subterranean den of gambling, liquor production, beer brewing, prostitution, and everything else illegal on the streets. The police came and shut them down, but not before the various Italian families could hide some of the entrances, concealing them from within the cave system and on the outside as well.

There are rumors in the upper echelons of the families that they are being used again by the Falcassis. They’re supposedly being used to traffic drugs, counterfeit art and money, and even people in and out of the island. No one can say for certain, but the police and the organized crime divisions of the federal investigations divisions have noticed an upswing of contraband items hitting the streets, and none of them can figure out how they’re getting on the island.