Happy Friday!

It has been a while since we’ve had a nice Friday update, and there really is a lot going on behind the scenes here!

We’ve got another adventure that we’re cooking up, and you’ll be hearing more about that for the next days on Facebook, and of course, through our Newsletter and on our G+ Community for news on that and for news on everything else!

Last year we started giving away a birthday adventure to those of you who are friends and fans on Facebook. This year we have another one cooked up, and it’s for Ingenium, Æther, and Savage Worlds! Three different versions with system-specific mechanics in each one. The final pieces are coming together for that, and starting September 1, the new one will be up, and the old birthday adventure will be slightly re-vamped and made available for everyone to enjoy!

We’ve been working furiously on things this summer, and some of those things are obvious on the website’s design and some of the structural changes we’ve made. We have a few more things to tweak and we’ll be back to doing what we do best, putting out great content that you love, and as often as possible!