Wellstone City Update – Being Too Good

Eventually, if you prove yourself to be good enough at what you do in Wellstone City, two things will happen. You will make more and more business contacts, growing your reputation as being one of the best in your field, no matter what that field is. Also, you will become a target because being as good as you are makes you a threat to others, possibly even more so than being an asset.

When that happens, it’s time to take action against it. It can be tricky to know what to do about that, especially after the ball is rolling and you have already missed some opportunities. Sometimes, being a remarkable Freelancer means that you give up any opportunity for an even marginally normal life.

Alternate Identity – Having a second identity can be a blessing. Sometimes there is a disguise involved or even a different accent, sometimes there is an entirely separate set of papers, and sometimes the identity is something that is so carefully crafted that you are literally legally two separate people. Going completely off grid is almost impossible in this modern world of ours, especially if you live in the city. The earlier you start a second identity and manage to keep it completely separate from your real identity, the easier it will be to keep the illusion up.

Lay Low – If an alternate identity is not an option for you, at least keep your head down! Making waves, practically leaving a trail of bread crumbs to your front door for your enemies to follow, and broadcasting to the world that you might be a superhero (or at best, a vigilante), might not be the best tactical choice to make. For every ally in Wellstone City you make, there’s an enemy to be made as well. Every job pulled off is for and against different elements of power. If you’ve already started being a Freelancer and you don’t have an alternate identity for some reason, you need to keep your head down, make sure as few people know how to contact you as possible, and keep moving around, never letting your whereabouts be known.

Be Ready – It is said that Wild Bill Hickok made sure to always sit with his back to the wall, and the one time he didn’t was the day he was assassinated. Freelancers need to learn from Wild Bill. You need to be ever-ready and ever-vigilant if your identity as a Freelancer is ever leaked, especially if you’re gaining in reputation among the criminal elements.

Fortify your Surroundings – So you don’t have an alternate identity, you’re not good at laying low, and you’re doing a pretty good job of being ready. Make sure that you do the same in your car and your residence. Being ten feet from a gun isn’t going to do you any good if there is another Freelancer with a gun pointed at your face right now. Every exit needs to be overly secure, every weapon needs to be loaded and ready, every window should be bulletproof, if you even have windows.

It’s easy to make it big in Wellstone. With a little luck, some skill, and some good contacts, you can make a name very fast. The question is whether you can live with your success or whether you’re too good for your own good.