Happy Friday! The Big Rundown

There’s a ton of stuff to talk about today, so let’s just dive in!


We’ve been on it this past couple of weeks and we just had a release, Djinn of the Deep that we did for Æther or for Savage Worlds! It was released just in time for Shark Week on Discovery Channel and the reviews have been fantastic! Get it today for your preferred system!

We also have two releases coming up in the next week, one that goes live on Saturday the 10th and that will be a freebie! We have one that goes live next week Thursday and we’ll be teasing you all week on Facebook. Not only that, but we’ve got about a dozen releases slated for the next few months, so stay tuned…the least of which is our Birthday Adventure. Right now we’re sending out links to our Facebook Friends and we will be slowly encouraging people to sign up with us directly via this hot-off-the-press Birthday Adventure Landing Page so we can handle all of these internally without using Facebook! The new birthday adventure goes live on September 1st, and the old one becomes freely available for everyone! Don’t worry though, we’re going to go through our Facebook Friends for another year!


Speaking of Facebook we’re having a summer-time Fan Drive! It’s easy! Tell your friends about us, push them to become a fan of Silver Gryphon and then have them send us a message to let us know you sent them. The person with the most referrals wins a Gaming Night on us! Click the Fan Drive link to see what that means! Don’t wait though, this only goes for a couple more weeks and then it’s done!

Demo GM!

We have seen some massive interest in our Demo GM program this year. We got off to a good start last year with a pilot version of this program, and this year there has been some huge interest! We are cutting off applications on August 12th, but you still have time! Contact our Community Manager and let her know you’re interested and she’ll get you all the details. We’re going international with this, so don’t let being on a different continent slow you down!


This last week Kevin was interviewed by Johnn Four for Gamer Lifestyle and that interview was recorded and put up on Johnn’s YouTube Channel. Check it out, leave a comment, and let him know if you like it or hate it! Kevin really enjoyed the interview and is looking forward to the possibility to come back and chat with Johnn again!

If you have similar interviews you’d like to do with us, or even something as simple as a Q&A session over the internet, let us know! Contact our Community Manager and she will direct you to the appropriate staff here at Silver Gryphon. We love talking with fans, so don’t be shy!