Milecastle 42 Needs your Help!

During the 16th year of the reign of Emperor Tiberius, a great star fell from the heavens which brought death to the living and life to the dead.

Emperor Caligula created a wall made of milecastles and men to stand between the Empire and the Undead Hordes of the East. You are stationed at one of those milecastles, Milecastle 41.

Last night the watch fire at Milecastle 42 went from normal to danger and then went out.

It is your job to Go find out why, rescue the survivors, crush the Undead, and save the Empire.

This adventure has everything you need to get going fast and keep the action moving until the end! It provides enough historical information to run the game no matter what your level of historical expertise is.

Character creation is sped up by providing a generic soldier template that the player can improve and specialize in his or her own way. That keeps set up time down, and gets the characters in the action faster!

A fully detailed map has been provided by Alyssa Faden, and additional art has been provided by Ari Syharazad!

Enemies are detailed within, and there is a special surprise at the end of the adventure for the characters to deal with!

Do you like the Roman Empire?

Do you like zombies?

Do you like sandbox adventures?

Do you like adventures that leave you wanting more after pounding the table and getting rowdy?

Look no further! Get Milecastle 42 today for either Savage Worlds or for the Æther System!

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