Happy Friday!

Well, we’re saving up for a HUGE announcement next week, and we keep teasing you with information. Well, that’s not going to change until we go live with it in a couple of weeks! We have a release coming up, and we’re giving you information about that via Facebook and Twitter as well.

Kevin was on the Grown as Gamers pod cast this last week, we urge you to check it out! He had a lot of fun talking with them. Go ahead and listen to that podcast by clicking right here!

Our Demo GM program is off and running and we still have a few entrants trickling in. We’re moving on to the next phase of this and we have some of our Demo GMs attending cons this weekend! Keep an eye open for them at the conventions you’re attending.

Finally, to all of our American readers, Happy Labor Day! Have a fun and safe holiday weekend, and get some good gaming in!