Wellstone City Wednesday – The Collegium

Hidden in the Downtown district of Wellstone City is the Collegium, a private school that takes the best and brightest of Wellstone’s upper crust. The curriculum is a mystery, however, and it, even more mysterious is that it doesn’t seem to be a real school. However, there are a few of Wellstone City’s elite that have claimed ties to the Collegium during their High School years. Investigative reporters can’t seem to turn much up either, and it seems the closer they get to discovering the Collegium, the further it seems to slip through their fingers.

What is taught there is completely unknown. All that is known is that those who claim to have been educated there have no problems getting into elite universities, and they all seem to be extremely wealthy and powerful in their own ways. It is rumored to be nothing more than a secret society for up-and-coming children of the Wellstone City elite, but again, no one can ever figure out who is doing the admitting to the Collegium or if it even actually exists.