Silver Gryphon Games is proud to announce our second Kickstarter! This time around instead of doing dice, we will be doing the Æthermancy book for our Æther system! We have a ton of cool stretch goals in mind, as well as the initial goal of making the book as awesome as we can! We’re breaking the mold with this and going for form and function, delivering a book that is a work of art as well as being fully integrated with the rules of the Æther Core Book.

Bring magic into your adventures! See how easy it can be to add using magic to your characters. Revel at the ease of use of the system itself, and Marvel at what your characters can do with this powerful new ability in their toolbox!

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We’re going all-out on this one, and we’ll be holding live chats, game demos, and more, all online! Stay tuned for more info, and don’t forget to check out the Æthermancy!