Wellstone City Wednesday – Exotic Ammunition

There seems to be an upswing in what the police are calling “bullet bling” on the streets of Wellstone, particularly in the Old Parish and the Creole Quarter. Silver bullets seem to be a popular choice, but police are turning up iron bullets with thin silver half-jackets, they are finding wood core bullets, and even shotgun shells loaded with tooth picks. Even more exotic ammunition has been turning up, and there seems to be a surge in less-than-lethal ammo such as rock salt rounds.

What the police are mistaking as bullet bling, is the first line of defense against supernatural creatures. Legends of werewolves, vampires, zombies, and worse have been circulating for years, but now this latest bullet trend seems to be upping the ante with these legends. Whether these creatures are roaming Wellstone’s darker parts or not is unknown; it would require a massive cover-up to keep them out of the public eye.

The simple fact is that the gangs and street hoods will be the first true litmus test if magical or supernatural creatures start turning up in any city. They make the easiest prey, it is expected that they could go missing for any number of reasons, and they form a vast network of enemies and allies that span the entire city. It only makes sense that they should be the most anxious to protect themselves from a new enemy that is impervious to the copper-and-lead standard of equalization.

When the police start turning up exotic, expensive, or just plain weird ammunition, it’s time to start paying attention, and possibly look into getting some yourself! You can never be too careful, especially not in Wellstone…