Happy Friday!

This last week went so fast! We had a big week, too!

We wrapped up our Kickstarter for Æthermancy, and we were successful! Again, thanks to all of our backers! We are ahead of schedule on our surveys and even our payments from Kickstarter! Kevin has been working hard on getting the document done, we’ve been in contact with our two artists for the project, and we are feeding chapters to our editor. We’ll keep you updated on how everything is coming along, slip you some teasers, and make sure that we keep everyone in the loop as much as possible.

We haven’t been focusing only on the Kickstarter either, we have two great adventures that are coming out, barely in time for Halloween! A Silver Gryphon staple, a new Camp Wicakini adventure, is coming out as well as a new terror adventure from Dave Baymiller! Keep your eyes open for more information on those as we approach one of our favorite holidays!

Finally, we’re getting ready for Nanocon in Madison, South Dakota. It’s our favorite convention, and it is also the end of our Con season as we buckle down for winter here in the Midwest of the United States. We’ve been to a ton of new conventions this year, and we’ve learned a ton, and while we’re sad to be done with another year of cons, we’re very excited for yet another Nanocon!

Stay tuned, and get ready for more news on releases!