Iconics for Ingenium

Frequently, modern tabletop RPGs will include in their core book a set of “iconic” characters. These are used as examples of the kinds of characters you can play, but they’re also used as main characters for bits of fiction scattered about the main book(s).

Ingenium doesn’t include any iconics in the core book for first edition. However, Second Edition is going to include a whopping twenty-four premade characters, each of which has a full stat sheet, a short back story, and a guide to playing that character.

In addition, every single character presented in the core book will have a role in an upcoming project that is specifically designed to engage the players of the iconics.

More than just being a set of premades, these twenty-four heroes and villains are integral to the story of Summerfort as it evolves over the next six years.

As a preview, next week we’re going to reveal the first of them. The reveal will include a spotlight here on Summerfort Sundays as well as a free downloadable PDF that includes not only the character’s full stats for Second Edition, but also his First Edition stats in case you want to use him right away.