Happy Friday!

It’s another Friday, and it’s been a busy week at Silver Gryphon Games, so let’s get to it!

We’ve been in full-blown Kickstarter mode for so long, that we’re looking forward to getting done with it, and we’re getting close to being in post-kickstarter production! That has caused some delays here in our day to day activities behind the scenes, but the good news is that we’re almost done with the nuts and bolts of the Æthermancy Kickstarter and we have some cool stuff lined up for November. We also have some things coming before then…

Camp Wicakini IV is coming! It’s been delayed for a multitude of reasons, but it will be out here in the next day or so! Hot on its heels is another Savage Worlds adventure from Dave Baymiller, Fear no Darkness, and it will be released just in time for Halloween as well! We have some big releases coming in November as well, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Next week we’ll start talking about some really cool projects that we’re lining up for November, and yes, we’ll start talking with you about Christmas stuff. Yes, it’s early, but we try to only handle a few holidays at a time, and most of us here at SGG refuse to start talking about Christmas until after Halloween.

Finally, we have Nanocon coming up in two weeks, and that will officially end our Con season for the year! It’s been a great run this year and we’ve hit a bunch of new cons, we got our Demo GM project up and running, and we’ve met scores of new and awesome people! We’re looking forward to an even better 2014!

Stay tuned, we have some really awesome stuff lined up! Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter, follow us on facebook, hit us up on our G+ Community, and follow us on Twitter!