Camp Wicakini 4 has been unleashed!

You weren’t expecting the head of the Kinzey Foundation to contact you for a job. Everyone knows they are into some heavy stuff, that the Foundation building parks is just their public face. After the meeting, you’re just as confused as you were before. It just doesn’t make any sense. You’re supposed to go up to some summer camp and kidnap some Native guy, but you’ve got some really nasty equipment that you’re taking with you; some sort of freeze gun and some suspicious device that is supposed to keep animals at bay.

None of this makes sense, but the pay is good, and the chance to work with the Kinzey’s more in the future is way worth it.

Or so you thought. You have never been so wrong in all your life.

Inside this adventure you’ll find:

  • The final adventure at Camp Wicakini
  • 8 Pre-generated Characters for quick play
  • Maps for all of the camp buildings provided by Fabled Environments
  • Rules for what happens when the PCs turn to zombies
  • New gear!
  • Absolute Chaos!

Other adventures in the Camp Wicakini Series have been called:

“Pure escapist zombie fun!”

“A good game to let hair down with”

“It was insane!”

“The most fun I ever had gaming at a con!”

“The best damn zombie adventure I’ve ever played!”

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